Statins – Good or Bad?

If you are reading this then you probably already know that statins are prescribed by doctors for lowering high cholesterol.  More than likely you have also picked up on the controversial media stories about statins and their side effects.

Would it be helpful to have the facts? If you, or a loved one, do have high cholesterol then it may well be that sooner or later your doctor will be offering you the choice of taking them. It can be a scary time, because by this point you will have been made aware of how having too much cholesterol is recognised within the health profession as being a significant cause for heart attack and stroke.

When seeing a doctor, we can be very aware of the 10 minute slot we have and it is likely that all our questions and concerns are not answered, or answered fully – however good and understanding your doctor is, their time is limited.  Then when searching on the internet for answers it can become very overwhelming.

Well here is a place where all the information comes together in an unbiased way helping you to make an informed decision of whether or not to take statins or stop taking them. We do not claim to be a medical site, however we do claim to do our best to just source and bring you the facts from a ‘layman’s’ point of view. We are also aware of alternative more natural ways of lowering your cholesterol which we will share with you as they may just be the ideal option for you.

So let’s get started by watching this short video about statin drugs and what you need to know!